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Dasara Telugu Full Movie Download- 480P, 720P, 1080P & Review 2023

Dasara Full Movie Download- 480P, 720P, 1080P : Fans of Naveen Babu URF Nani are anticipating the Telugu action drama Dasara, which is being directed by Shrikant Odela. The Singareni coal mines in Godavarikhani serve as the setting for this eagerly awaited film. It's noteworthy to notice that many directors have been concentrating on storylines that take place in and around coal mines since the huge success of the film KGF. Dasara is certain to be a noteworthy contribution to this trend because to its distinctive location and excellent cast.

It is regrettable to learn that soon after the film Dasara was released in theaters, it was illegally uploaded to a torrent website. The movie is now freely available for download in a number of different formats, including 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and even 1440p, thanks to this unlawful upload. We will give a thorough analysis of the film Dasara in this article, as well as useful details about the possible dangers of downloading it from a pirate service. We shall go into depth as to why we highly advise against such behavior. We will also offer advice on how to download the movie safely and effectively for those who are still interested in doing so. We strongly advise reading this post thoroughly to ensure that you have all the details.

Dasara Telugu Full Movie Download- 480P, 720P, 1080P & Review 2023

Dasara Telugu Full Movie Plot

In 2009, Dharani is a teenage criminal who works as a coal thief and resides in Veerlapally with his grandmother. The peasants regularly drink alcohol and become involved in domestic disputes. The majority of his time is spent with Siddham "Suri" Suryam and Vennela, his closest buddies. Dharani had loved Vennela since they were little, but she later discovers that Vennela is in love with Suri. As a result, he chooses to get married to her despite sacrificing his love for her. Ramanamma, Vennela's mother, objects to their connection because Suri was involved in coal theft.

Thurpugutta Shivanna's son, Thurpugutta Chinna Nambi, the village's contender for the position of sarpanch, said that Dharani forces Suri to triumph in a neighborhood cricket competition in order to land a cashier position at the renowned "Silk" bar. Dharani and Suri damage the bar in a brawl with Chinna Nambi's followers there. As a result, Dharani and his pals are taken into custody by Chinna Nambi. The nicer step-brother of Shivanna, Rajanna, bails them out and advises them not to worry about the local politics. Rajanna eventually agrees when Suri asks him to run in the sarpanch elections. After encouraging women to vote for the first time, Rajanna wins the election, and Dharani is appointed as Rajanna's deputy sarpanch. The consequence is that Suri and Vennela's marriage is fixed.

Suri learns about Dharani's sacrifice on the day of his wedding to Vennela and is devastated. A strange group attacks and pursues him as he makes his way to the pub to speak with Dharani and their pals. Three of Dharani and Suri's acquaintances are brutally murdered, and one suffers a heart attack and passes out. The subsequent chase leaves Dharani hurt, and Suri makes an attempt to flee with him while riding a bicycle. Suri, however, is beheaded as he flees. Dharani runs away from the group in a state of shock and terror. The entire hamlet is heartbroken after learning about the incident. Dharani starts looking into the situation out of pure rage. He finds out that Chinna Nambi, the murderer, gave the order to kill Suri.

His wife claims that Chinna Nambi has a strong libido for Vennela and that he killed Suri when he found out about their relationship, not because he challenged him. For the same reason, he also murdered Radha's husband, a friend of Vennela's. Dharani begins to defend Vennela from Chinna Nambi by marrying her after discovering the identity of the real Chinna Nambi. Due to him forcing her into marriage, Vennela initially views Dharani with contempt, but with time she comes to like him. Vennela is shocked when Chinna Nambi tells her about his role in Suri's death and Dharani's dedication to her on the Dasara day because she had never doubted Dharani's love for her since they were little. The same group who hunted down and murdered Suri and Dharani's companions is waiting for him at the Ravana dahanam. However, just as the cops are about to arrest them, Dharani and his remaining buddies manage to kill every single one of them. The actions of Chinna Nambi are revealed to the entire village by Dharani.

He escapes the police and beheads Chinna Nambi in front of the entire village before being taken away; as a result, Dharani and his friends are detained. After serving their term, they return to the community seven years later. After recognizing that alcohol will destroy everyone in the hamlet, Dharani sets the bar on fire after learning that the women's suffering is due to the impact of alcohol on their husbands. After seven years apart, Vennela and Dharani share an emotional reunion.

Dasara Telugu Full Movie Cast

Nanias Dharani
Keerthy Sureshas Vennela
Dheekshith Shetty as Siddham "Suri" Suryam
Shine Tom Chacko as Thurpugutta Chinna Nambi
Samuthirakani as Thurpugutta Shivanna, Chinna Nambi's father
Sai Kumar as Thurpugutta Rajanna, Shivanna's step-brother
Jhansi as Ramanamma, Vennela's mother
Shamna Kasim as Chinna Nambi's wife
Rajsekhar Aningi as Inspector Nagaraju
Raviteja Nannimala as Dharani's friend
Surabhi Prabhavathi as Suri's mother

Dasara Movie Release Date and Time

Date your calendars! The action-packed thriller Dasara, which will be released on March 30, 2023, at 9:00 am IST, will highlight the actor Nani's flawless acting abilities. You can watch the film at the nearby movie theater if you like the immersive experience on the large screen. But if going to the cinemas doesn't appeal to you, you can still see the film at home by downloading it from different torrent websites including Tamilrockers, Vegamovies, Tamilyogi, Kutteymovies, and 9xmovies in different sizes ranging from 150mb to 900mb.

Dasara Movie Download Leak on DailyMotion

A website where users can broadcast and submit videos, Dailymotion is comparable to other well-known video streaming services like YouTube and Moj. It's interesting to note that numerous users have already posted Dasara Movie Download to Dailymotion, allowing viewers to access the film for free and download it in a variety of video quality options from 1080p to 420p. Additionally, Dailymotion offers the advantage of online streaming, which enables users to watch the movie from the comfort of their own homes on a desktop, laptop, TV, or mobile device.

Dasara Movie Lyrics & Singer

"Dhoom Dhaam Dhosthaan"Kasarla Shyam
Rahul Sipligunj,
Gotte Kanakavva,
Gannora Dasa Laxmi, Palamuru Jangireddy, Narsanna (Nalgonda Gaddar), Kasarla Shyam
"Ori Vaari"    Sri Mani Santhosh Narayanan
"Chamkeela Angeelesi"Kasarla ShyamRam Miriyala, Dhee
"Oh Ammalaalo Ammalaalo"Rehman  Anurag Kulkarni
"Cricket Rap"Kasarla Shyam, Shan Vincent de PaulShan Vincent de Paul, Santhosh Narayanan
"Silk Bar"Gaddam SureshNarsanna, Kanakavva
"Chithu"Gaddam SureshKanakavva
"Ee Dharani"RehmanAnurag Kulkarni
"Monna Badilo"Gaddam SureshPavithra Chari

Dasara Movie Download” Through TamilYogi

Popular torrent website TamilYogi provides a huge range of freshly released movies, TV series, and music at no charge. According to its reputation, the website has also made the eagerly awaited Dasara Movie Download accessible to users for download in a variety of video formats, including 360P, 480P, 720P, and 1020P. Due to TamilYogi's simple service being entirely free of charge, it may be used by a larger audience without any financial restrictions.

Dasara Movie Download through telegram Link

Nowadays, Telegram leaks of movies have become commonplace. Additionally, the movie "Dasar" is available for download on Telegram, with sizes ranging from 300 MB to 1 GB. It's crucial to remember that it's always advised to view movies on official OTT platforms. For your convenience, the Telegram link is provided below if you still want to download "Dasar."

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Dasara Movie Download

Disclaimer- We doe not promote any type of piracy, we are just providing information that already available on internet. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offense under the Copyright Act of 1957, this is why we advise our users to watch movies or shows in cinema and legal sources like Hoichoi, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO max etc.

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